Included Accessories:

Variable Length Adapter

Variable Length Adapter

Allows you to extend the nosepiece to custom lengths and when paired with a barlow or focal reducer, you can adjust the field of view, magnification and f ratio of your scope.

Pelican® Case

Every unit comes in a high quality Pelican® Case (model 1450).

Pelican Case
  • Unbreakable
  • Watertight
  • Airtight
  • Dust-proof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Corrosion proof

Made of Ultra High Impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong and durable. 1/4" (6.4 mm) neoprene o-ring and ABS latches seal perfectly and includes an automatic purge valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure.

This case is NATO codified and tested to MIL C-4150J (Military Standard), IP-67 (Ingress Protection) and ATA (Air Transportation Association).

Personalized Laser-Engraved Case Badge

Free when you register your system.

Personalized Laser-Engraved Case Badge

The personalized badge on the Pelican® case is Laser-Engraved aluminum. Badge dimensions: 6.125" x 0.875" x 0.025" thick.

Personalize the "Property Of" area of the badge with up to 3 lines of text.

  • Your Name
  • Organization
  • University
  • Location
  • Anything you want

Personalized Laser-Engraved Case Badge

Optional Accessories:

H-Alpha Filters

H-Alpha Filter

Highly Recommended.  Improves Nebula Views and Enables Viewing of Nebula in Light Polluted Environments.

1.25" filter - $130
2" filter - $199

* The 2" filter option threads directly onto the existing 2" nosepiece.  The 1.25" filter option will require an adapter ring which we also offer.

SLR Camera Lens Attachment

If you are interested in an SLR Camera Lens to attach to BIPH for wide field views which will enable BIPH to operate without a scope, as a hand held image intensified bino system, contact me and we can discuss options and recommendations.  If you have an existing SLR Camera lens which you would like an adapter for, contact me and we can discuss an adapter for your particular lens.

The SLR adapters we offer include:

  • Canon EOS lens adapter - $79
  • Canon FD lens adapter - $89
  • Nikon lens adapter - $79
  • Pentax scew style T mount thread on lens adapter - $79

We offer complete SLR lens packages which include a fast lens, 200mm F 2.8 or 135mm F 2.8 with tripod adapter for the BIPH. The packages start at $169

These packages include an adapter to thread the filter to the rear of the SLR lens, between the lens and the nosepiece of the BIPH. This is the preferred method.

Mounting the filter on the front of the SLR lens with stepdown rings is possible, but that will mask the lens and stop it down which will slow the F ratio.

The BIPH is very sensitive to F ratio and you definitely want the fastest F ratio possible.

Contact us to discuss lens options and prices.

Denkmeier Star Diagonal

Denkmeier Star Diagonal with Filter Switch

Denkmeier Star Diagonal with Filter Switch

$329 + Shipping

Includes two 2" Carriers. Extra carriers are available and 1.25" adapters for 1.25" Filters are $8 each.

Denkmeier Star Diagonal with Power Switch

Denkmeier Star Diagonal with Power Switch

$389 + Shipping

Includes Reduction / Normal / Multiplication for Refractors and SCTs and other scopes that use a star diagonal such as a Mewlon, Classical Cassegrain, Maksutov Cassegrain.

Denkmeier Star Diagonal with Filter Switch and Power Switch

Denkmeier Star Diagonal with Filter Switch and Power Switch

$578 + Shipping

Includes Both!

Barlow and Focal Reducer

Focal Reducer

$149 + Shipping

We also offer 2" Fully Multi-Coated Barlows and Reducers which attach to the BIPH nosepiece that doesn't require any diagonal.