Obession Telescopes
The world's finest manufacturer of Dobsonian telescopes.

Optical Mechanics, Inc. (OMI)
OMI designs and manufactures high-precision optics, opto-mechanical assemblies, and high precision optical instruments such as Lidar optical assemblies and telescopes.

Alnitak Astrosystems

Flip Flat for taking Flat Frames for Astrophotography
The Flip-Flat employs advanced electroluminescent panel technology to provide a uniform source of illumination for the production of high quality flat field frames necessary for serious astroimaging and photometric work.

Aerolite Meteorites
Aerolite Meteorites of Tucson specializes in the highest quality meteorites for sale, rare meteorite books and original photography, science articles, expeditions, and TV science documentaries.

Slacker Astronomy Podcast

Denkmeier Optical
The finest Binoviewers, Eyepieces, and Star Diagonals available.

Neil Fleming
Astrophotography Tutoring dedicated to any level of astro-imager who wants to accelerate their learning curve, through hardware and camera setup, image acquisition, initial processing, and image finalization in Photoshop.  The format would be a dedicated evening, say 2-3 hours.  By using remote access facilities, you would collaborate on one system.